Positioning a brand for success depends on evoking the desired associations and emotional response from your target market. Whether you are trying to move consumers with a logo, tagline, or advertisement using any medium (from television and print to social media), the end result should be to activate and reinforce the positive associations that comprise your brand and to minimize or deactivate negative associations consumers may have to your product or brand; and to do so in a conducive emotional context.


Understanding that traditional self-report research methods like surveys and polls rarely  give you the full picture, Implicit Strategies steps in to help discover what consumers think, on an unconscious level, about a product or brand – now or after they are presented with an ad, tagline, or logo. We help identify key responses and refine ads at every step of the copy testing process, from initial concepts to completed ads, so that what the message intended to convey is the message consumers actually receive. We can also measure the positive and negative emotional responses people have to a brand or product, and the extent to which an ad can change them. Perhaps most importantly, Implicit Strategies provides actionable recommendations about how to reinforce positive brand attributes of the advertising and reduce unwanted or unintended reactions.

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