Entertainment is a high-stakes business. Movies and shows can succeed or bomb with substantial impact on the studios and/or networks that produce them. Decisions made about casting, character development, and storylines can make the difference between success and failure.

What's true of movies and television shows are just as true of the ads and trailers that accompany them, whether promoting movies or shows or any products tied into or advertised by them.

Knowing whether an ad, trailer, or product placement "works" – and whether it works with a particular movie, show, network, or demographic group is essential information. Studios and networks invest enormous sums for test screenings, focus groups, and surveys to maximize their chance of success. But it’s not the best bang for their buck.


While useful, traditional surveys and polls suffer from the same flaw shared by all conventional research methodologies.  They rely on direct questioning of the intended audience, which assumes that people know exactly what they think and feel about what they have just experienced.  They often do not. Implicit Strategies goes beyond surveys and polls with technologies that can assess emotional reactions and associations to movies, shows, promos, politicians, political messages, product placements, and ads that get around the viewer's conscious cognitive filters. Using our methodology, Implicit Strategies helps you get the feedback you need to enhance a project's chances for success as never before possible.

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